Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Growing my nails and Avon Nail Illuminator review

I've recently been trying to get my nails into better shape and grow them.  I have bitten and picked at my nails for the best part of 30 years.  Even though I have always longed for beautiful long nails I just can't resist biting them.  Well this time will power has won over and I have managed to go for at least 3 weeks without so much as a nibble.  They aren't growing at great speed but they have the strength I was hoping for.  They were looking a little bit dull and weren't smooth so I have been using a 4 in 1 nail buffer.  I used it to smooth the nails and get rid of any ridges and then buff them to a beautiful shine. 

When I saw the Avon Nail Illuminator on special offer I had to try it. 

 It goes on easily and doesn't clump.  I was left with a beautiful glossy shine.  My nails reflect the light and seem to shimmer slightly.  I did think that I could have gotten the same effect from a clear nail varnish but I have noticed that the whites of my nails seem brighter and the finish is very hard wearing.  If I ever use a clear varnish it chips almost immediately and I need to re apply every other day.  With the Nail Illuminator I haven't had so much as a chip and I'm on day 4 and my nails still look fab.  The Nail Illuminator also claims to reduce the look of staining on nails but my nails weren't particularly stained so I cannot comment there.  All in all I think that this is worth a try if you like to have natural looking nails.  I don't tend to have the time to maintain beautifully painted nails so I'm liking the natural look.

I think this is a great product which is easy to apply and does illuminate my nails.  I paid £2.49 for this but the rrp is £5.  It's in the current brochure for £2.50 here I'd love to hear your thoughts if you've tried it.

Hopefully when I get my nails to the length I want I'll treat myself to a CND Shellac manicure.  Ticking off one of my "7 Things for 7 Days" goals.  YAY!!!

Thanks for reading ;-)

Emma xx


  1. Also one of my goals, I've been using a 4in1 nail buffer too and they seem to be getting better but the whites aren't very nice looking so hopefully after buying this that will sort it out. Great review! x

  2. Hello! I've nominated you for a Liebster award- I hope you like it x x

  3. great review!