Sunday, 24 June 2012

7 Things for 7 Days : June

What do I need above everything in my life???  MOTIVATION.  And I've found it in the form of Louise (Sprinkle of Glitter).  She is running '7 things for 7 days' blog posts here so I thought that I would join in.  I am hugely disorganised and procrastinate far too much and need to do something about it.  If I write it here on my blog I may be more enclined to go for my goals.  Oh, and I love list writing too so this is right up my street.

My first priority is to sort my mess of a house out but I thought I'd throw some beauty related stuff in there to keep me interested.

1.  Take real good care of my skin - I'm often too busy with the kids or tired that my skin doesn't often get much more than a wipe over with a face cloth.  I'm quite lucky that I have pretty good skin but with a little pampering it could be so much better.
2.  Don't bite my nails (and reward my self with a manicure) - My nails are terribly short because I bite them.  I have found, over the last couple of weeks, that If I take time to keep them looking nice I don't seem to bite them as much.  They are starting to grow and hopefully I'll have beautiful nails in no time.
3.  Tackle the boys bedroom.  And keep it from becoming a mess again - It is horrendous.  I can't even open the wardrobe door.  My youngest is 6 and he can mess a bedroom up in 30 seconds flat.  I have been putting off sorting it out because I know it will take me a least a whole day.  The thought of spending a whole day tidying it, only for it to be back in the same state after a couple of days, is really putting me off.  WILL I DO IT?
4.  Find 7 bargains - just for fun ;-) - I love looking for bargains.  Whether it's beauty bargains or bargains for the home, I love finding them.  I get a real sense of satisfaction when I come across something cheap.
5.  Sort kitchen cupboards out - Can't find anything in my kitchen.  I have sorted it out so many times but my husband doesn't seem to get the concept of 'everthing has a place'.  I'm going to give it one last try and see if I can educate him about where things go.  Wish me luck. 
6.  Try to eat better - I'm very overweight but I love food so much.  I'm going to try to reduce my portion sizes and eat a few things which are 'better' for me.
7. Get some followers on my blog - Sometimes I feell ike not bothering writing anything on here because nobody ever reads it but if I don't then nobody ever will.

I'm really hoping that I manage to achive these goals in the next 7 days but I suppose all I can do is try.  I should have put an extra one in there - When the kids have been asking for breakfast for the last 20 minutes, stop writing a blog post and get them some (poor starving children awww).

Thanks for reading
Emma xx 


  1. Great post, for number 7, commenting on other blog's posts are a really easy way of getting your blog out there.
    I hope you can find the motivation to get it all done,
    Here is my list if you are interested:

    Alice xxx

  2. aw they're all really good ideas! Have fun sorting your kitchen out ;)