Saturday, 17 March 2012

M&S Ingredients Lip Butters

If you see these you may overlook them as just another cheap gift set.  Think again.  M&S Ingredients Lip Butters taste great and are really hydrating on your lips.  The coloured ones leave a lovely pink sheen to lips too.  I was given theses as a Christmas present and they have been lurking at the bottom of my drawer.  When I tried them I was really impressed.

They come in a pack of three flavours; cherry, coconut and raspberry.  They are reasonably priced at £5.  It's great having the three to choose from.  I keep one by my bed (the coconut as it is not coloured), one in the kitchen and one on my handbag.  I'm not normally a fan of flavoured lip products but these have changed my opinion.  They are beautiful fresh, non sickly, flavours which actually seem to make my mouth water.

A lovely additon to my handbag.  Great for a mothers gift too. 

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