Sunday, 12 February 2012

Unexpected Day Off

No-one to take ths kids to school today so I've taken the day off.  Extra day of house work I hear you cry.  Well, that was the intention.  Came back from the school run and turned the laptop on - big mistake.  11 o'clock came and all I'd done was make myself breakfast.  The house got trashed in the rush to get out to school on time.  Where shall I start?  Will I have time to do everything before the kids come home from school?  Jack's lost his footie trainers so I''ve got to tidy his tip of a bedroom in order to find them.  Off to tackle that first as must find them today.

TRAINERS FOUND!!! Yay.  Husband looked, Jack looked and Lauren even spent an hour looking.  All I can say is thaey are all blind as bats.  Found them in 5 minutes.  Oh, and all the socks I'd been looking for.  Good start to my jobs for the day.  Put some washing in.  Think I'll tackle the living room first so I can watch the tv at the same time (naughty).  Do the kitchen while making lunch.

What an exciting life I lead lol.  Waiting for a parcel to come though.  Ordered some stuff in a sale and excited for trying some new products.  I've been wanting to try the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm for ages and thought I'd order some and give it a go.  Whilst browsing I also noticed some lovely OPI "Kardashian" nail polishes and Burts Bees lip stuff.  But the thing I'm most looking forward to is my old favourite - Beckham signature perfume.  Got some as a present years ago and I love it.  Since then my husband has bought me various other Beckham perfumes but none have ever come close. 

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