Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Avon Planet Spa Foot and Elbow Creme - Review

Planet Spa African Shea Foot
Since wearing sandals in the summer the skin on my feet has become very rough and dry.  Sometimes it even hurts when I walk so I decided to try the Avon Planet Spa Foot and Elbow Creme.  I got it in a gift set with the moisturising socks so I thought I would give it a go.

Firstly the smell is to die for.  It reminds me of caramel a little bit.  It is rich in shea butter which always smells gorgeous I think.  Secondly the texture is really luxurious.  It's thick and smoothes on the skin beautifully.

I put it on in 2 layers.  I rubbed the first layer all over my feet and massaged it in until it had all been absorbed.  Straight away the rough areas on my feet felt softer.  Then I put on another layer concentrating on the heel and ball of the foot.  I didn't rub this in as much.  I used enough so there was a tick coating on the driest areas of each foot then put the socks on.  You can sleep in the socks but I took them off before I went to bed but I made sure that all the cream had absorbed into my feet first.

Afterwards my feet felt velvety soft.  Even the next morning that felt lovely.  The next evening my feet were starting to feel slightly rough and dry again so I repeated the process but this time I smoothed the rough areas first with a foot file (like sandpaper).  That was yesterday and today my feet feel noticably softer.  A little dry in places but nowhere near what they were like 3 days ago.  I would put it on again today but the socks are a kinda minging so I've washed them.  I may just rub a little bit in the balls and heels of my feet before I go to bed and make sure that it is totally absorbed into the skin.

Conclusions:  My first impressions of this are that it does work and it does feel like a luxurious treat for your feet.  It's usually £4.50 for a tub of the cream (75ml) and £5 for the socks but currently on the website its £2.70 for the cream and £3 for the socks.  I think that even at full price this is a bargain.

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